Weekly Poll – Socks To Be You

I type this weeks missive while nursing freshly mangled feet.  So keep in mind that usually I am a proponent for going barefoot whenever possible, however, I may need to rethink my stance on sockless Olympic races.  Last Sunday’s Oly race had gone pretty much according to plan.  My normal average swim, followed by a solid bike, and finished off with a miserable run.  It may not sound like a winning strategy, but it’s my normal, and I’ve learned to embrace it!  The one big problem?  My feet.  They look like I’ve undergone a round of torture. That’s right, torture, from the Latin tortus, “twisted”.  Ugly, beat up, scabbed, and blistered.  Horrifying when viewed in daylight.  I even wear socks to bed, so as not to scare my dogs. 


I wish my feet looked this good.

The Olympic distance seems to be the biggest culprit.  Also, the bike seems innocent in all of this mangling.  Running is the problem.  Sprints are just short enough, usually 3 or 4 miles, that I don’t get more than maybe one small blister.  Long course doesn’t usually cause a problem because I wear socks.  So what is a guy to do?  Probably bite the bullet and take the time to put on socks, but what about you?  Any tips or tricks to prevent this carnage?  Maybe I’m overlooking a potential solution.  Perhaps socks aren’t the only cure available.

Check out this video by Jimmy Riccitello, Ironman’s Head Referee.  He makes it look really easy.  Of course, he didn’t just finish a 1500 meter swim in a canal filled with broken beer bottles and goose shit, but hey it would be hard to concentrate with his kids trying to help.

So, stop by the forum, vote on the poll and help me out!  Let me know any way I can possibly avoid this horrible pain while still preserving my stunning 2:33 Olympic distance speed.  TRS Triathlon wants to know!!!

Also, Mr. Webstey, commenting that you could put on socks and still have enough time to bake a frozen pizza in 2:33 is not a helpful answer.  Love, KOAP.


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