The “REAL” Men of Triathlon

Just shy of a month ago, we announced the women who had been selected to be a part of TRS Racing for 2016. Today, we are ready to reveal the second group of individuals who have committed to #maketriathlongreatagain . We will have 113 men representing TRS Triathlon, bringing the team total to 140 people for the 2016 season.

Just like the women, these men represent a wide geographical footprint for TRS Racing and will help us continue to grow our presence on and off the race course across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Not to be outdone by the awesome Coeur kit for the women, we have partnered  with Castelli to provide our men with premium custom triathlon and cycling gear for 2016. See below for the full roster of men who will #rockthecock for the next year.

The 2016 season is coming quickly, and we are excited for what it has in store for our team. Watch this space for updates on TRS Racing and its members as we ramp up for the next year.

2016 TRS Racing Roster – Men

Aaron Skutch
Aaron Webstey*
Adam Bussey
Adam Reichbaum
Adam Webb
Andrew Scollard
Ben Cohen
Ben Rotherham
Benjamin Shepherd
Paul Wheat
Brad Scheck*
Brandt  Burns*
Brent Robinson
Brian Condron*
Bryan Rash
Chad Mahakian
Chad Troyer*
Chris Cochrane
Chris Edge
Chris Loughlin
Christoper Lyle
Clay Gasway
Craig Durnford
Craig Parsons
Daniel Speed
Darren Wrigley
David Cassidy*
David Gagne*
David Hansen*
David Hibbs
David Nelson
Ebe Boettcher*
Eric Guzman
Eric Swanson*
Erik Tasker
Evan Baker
Gary Cooper*
Gerald Layher
Grant Acosta
Grant Lastovica
Greg Dayley
Jacob Mathieson
Jake Greenstein
Jake Saunders
James Lange*
James Manning
Jamie Morrison
Jared Hammond
Jason McGee
Jeffrey Bradely
Joe Capen
John Littlewood*
John Reno
John Shughart*
Joseph Aziz*
Josh Morin
Josh Ruhnke
Josh Weber*
Julien Pequegnot
Kalani Scott
Karl Delaney
Kelly Lentz*
Kenneth Frickle
Kevin Brydges
Kevin Schummer*
Kraig Wessel
Kyle Hilgendorf
Kyle Raeburn
Lew Leone*
Luc Seguin
Dark Mark*
Mark McDonald*
Martin McEwen
Matt Radowicz*
Matthew Kane
Matthew Patterson
Michael Radogna
Michael Weirath
Mike Espejo*
Mitch Brekke
Nathan Kiser*
Neil Young
Oliver Saxon
Partick Boyle
Paul Glatzhofer
Peter Newhook
Peyton Ward
Richard LaTorra
Robert Hutchinson
Robert Rankin*
Ryan Heisler*
Ryan Monaghan
Ryan Sager
Scott Young
Sean Murnane*
Samuel Baldwin
Stephen Ronk
Stephen Simonsen
Steven Brandes
Steven Halewski*
Steven Johnson
Tad Machrowicz
Tim Fears
Tim O’Donnell
Tim O’Leary*
TJ Blake
Todd Curtis
Tom Long*
Tony Campagna*
Tosin Akinmusuru
Tyler Curran
Wes Parsel
Winston Guo
Zach Miller*
*Returning from 2015

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