TRS Radio: Greg and Laura Bennett Interview

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First Ben and Dark Mark discuss his move to Oklahoma, the NBC Sports article about Gwen Jorgensen and Pat Lemieux, and rumors about doping at the highest level of long course triathlon. 

Next, Ben talks with pro triathlete and marketing whiz kid, A.J. Baucco of AJ Baucco Coaching and The Baucco Squad. What are the keys to his success as a marketer? What are his thoughts on marijuana as a PED given it’s legality in Colorado and out of competition. 

Finally, Ben interviewed legends of the sport, Greg and Laura BennettGreg is arguably the greatest short course athlete in the sport’s history and Laura has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success herself racing in 2 Olympic games. We discussed their careers, slights and snubs, life, marriage, the business of triathlon and what it means to be a true professional. 

To hear a bonus 10+ minutes with the Bennetts, become a Patron. We discussed the time I ran alongside Greg during a race and attempted to interview him. He was not amused. We also discussed who is the greatest triathlete of all time for all distances.


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